Look out your window..

and say "cheese!" :)

Well, the leaves are just about gone, and we have our first snow of the year falling in a perfect snow-globe fashion. Time for a shift in seasons, and a shift in focus. Yes, it's true. I have Christmas on my mind.

With all the recent economic chaos, the holidays promise to be simpler and sweeter, this year. You can bet the toy giants will be pulling out all their biggest guns to convince us that less-spendy is the same as deprived.

I disagree.

Mind you, I'd rather have the year end prosperously for all, but I am genuinely excited for the shift in focus from overstuffed stocking to making memories. Think of this is a "greeting card" Christmas. I don't mean that we'll all be handing each other cards instead of gifts, but that all the well worn sentiments that have slowly lost their meaning over several decades of exchange will be revived in each of our lives.

While many would protest, I insist that the holiday season officially begins on Halloween. Therefor, I think it is perfectly appropriate that I share my own special sentiment for the season here and now:

May we all live a greeting card life everyday.


  1. Cute! So are you saying i should do something with my family, instead of buying one or several of your incredibly creative and beautifully handcrafted toys?
    Would be okay if I did both? he-he.

  2. I'm totally sending a link to your etsy shop to my sister. I think she will just adore your stuff. I mean, really...who wouldn't!?

  3. I love the holiday sentiment! I'm jealous of the fall/winter weather you have there, so keep the holiday thoughts coming to help me get in the mood. :) And I love that you've gone to the "dark side"!


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