Flannel Board Options Guide

First, felt piece sets:

The boards include one felt set each.

The three basic options are:

Creative Mischief abstract felt pieces (50+ abstract pieces, plus 4 faces)

Scribble felt letter pieces- Letters are made from "stroke" line pieces, and require assembly. One full alphabet set is included.

Juicy Jungle pieces. These include 20+ pieces made using Alexander Henry's Juicy Jungle fabric, includes at least three large animals.

Custom variations of these sets may be available upon special request.

And now for the custom options for Board and it's Case:

I'm happy to select a fabric based on your general preferences, or you may select your fabric personally.

The possibilities are pretty open. If you'd like to browse options, these are same of my favorite Etsy fabric sellers:


Feel free to link me to any listing that catches your fancy.

You also have the option of a custom embellishment on the exterior of the case- a simple felt appliqué picture, a specific animal image, or initials, perhaps? If you are feeling indecisive, I can play with the fabric and see what feels right.

If you do not specify an applique preference at the time of order, I will make one based on the style of the fabric.

New backdrop option:

I am now offering appliqued landscape backdrops as an option. Contact me for more details.

I've decided to use 8 1/2"x 11" frames by default, rather than 8x10. The little bit of extra play surface really makes a difference. Larger frames may be available upon special request.

Thank you!