Blogging in.

It's odd that I haven't taken the time to post on my personal blog about the issue that has most consumed me for the last several weeks. In honor of the nation-wide CPSIA blog in, I'm going to remedy that byt addressing the effects on me, personally.

My first response was disbelief, quickly followed by a frantic search for some iota of information to debunk this crazy new e-myth. I'm still searching, and still empty handed. Turns out it is entirely true; the CPSIA may very well mean the end of my business.

For the time being, my shop will remain open and undergo a positive set of changes. I am researching like mad, and grabbing at the information resources that are finally surfacing after years of obscurity. I'm looking into testing options, contacting the manufacturers of my materials, exchanging insights with others, and doing my best to formulate a new product safety plan that will give both me and my customers peace of mind.

The process and desire have been a very healthy experience. I want my toys to be as safe as I can manage. The requirements of February aren't too far off the mark, and could be very legally livable in the long term, if certain allowances are made (such as the use of material certifications from manufacturers).

We have some details to work out, but I can work things out with the basic set-up of the GCCs.

But in August, legal operation will become impossible.

I wish I could stay open.
I wish to have options for my children.
I wish for the continuted encouragement of culteral expression through handmade toys.
I wish regulators and businesses were working together, rather than against each other.
I wish for a thoughtful, diverse, and kind nation for my children to grow up in.

Best wishes,