A sense of style

We've been spending some time visiting some of the Parade of Homes, this week, and the tour has inspired a number of discussions regarding style preferences. I've come to recognize that my preferences are becoming more and more distinct. I like clean lines and a bright, fresh canvas. Built in details have long been an infatuation, especially little touches like shelves recessed into the wall. Natural light is a must, and a careful combination of open spaces that run together, with architectural detailing that defines individual spaces, such as a half wall between a dining and living room.

And then, most important of all random, uncluttered displays of eye-catching objects that hint at personality and inspire curiosity.

I love so very many of my odd little objects.


When I walk alone

From within the shelter of the sky my wandering eye will often find the treasures that have been left behind by others who once wandered by.

In my silent hide and seek I find myself, in the quiet, speak to all the little bits of world that find their peace in simply being.

They listen well, ever patient in my rambling, never minding my senses and nonsenses and maniacal mental meanderings.  Until, at last, my thoughts are spent.

And this gentle world cradles me close.  In its solace I find strange comfort in being small, and knowing my small place in all that Is and will ever Be.

And I will not waste tears on puddles of milk.