Creating with and for kids.. interested?

I have had a thought somewhere in the back of my head for some time about putting together kits that would include materials and instructions and allow buyers to make and personalize some of my toys. This would reduce costs for the budget conscious, and allow buyers to share a bit more of themselves in their gifts. As for ho0w much it would cost? That depends on the toy and degree of pre-assembly required.

Then a few days ago I helped my girls make six-sided snowflakes. We had a blast. :)

This had me considering how much fun it would be to sell a dozen or so sets of pre-folded paper, all ready for cutting, at a minimal cost. After all, it's always fun to get something in the mail, and better still if it means spending time together on a little project, right?

From there I was considering selling other small and inexpensive craft kits, and perhaps even a subscription. They could include items such as ribbon wands, silk flower fairies, and sun catchers, and each kit would include all special materials required, plus an idea/instruction sheet.

So I am putting the following questions into the wind:

Would you be interested in purchasing a DIY toy kit?
Which toys from my shop would you be most interested in making?

Would you be interested in childrens craft kits? (kept between $3 - $5 including shipping)
Would you like to subscribe to 6 regular mailings of kits? (each kit would be slightly discounted)
Would you prefer monthly, or weekly mail-outs?

So, new blog = my readership presently consists of 2 Jessicas. (thanks guys!) Because I want to get some serious input and expand my readership, I'm making a little giveaway of this and posting it in my shop announcement. yay!

Leave me some honest feedback, and you may be one of two lucky souls chosen at roandom to receive a little pack of 10 colorful folded papers for making snowflakes!

C'mon... you know you want to. ;~)


  1. Ooh I'll follow! I love your creativity!

  2. I love the idea of craft kits! I think the snowflakes sound really fun, and ribbon wands too. I love all your ideas, Hilary!

    And count me as a reader now too. :)


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