I'm still stuck on Christmas

I've shared this with a few, already, but I'm absolutely in love with this product photo from the shop of Nest Pretty Things.

For the last several years, we've either had a live tree, or stayed with family for The Big Day, so we've never invested resources (including storage space) to an artificial tree.

The thing is, they just aren't the same. There's a lot of practicality in them, sure, but having grown up with "tlc" trees, they always look a little too perfect, a little too full. They smell way too much like clean water, and not enough like pine.

Oh, you can buy candles to make up for it, but you still miss out on the lovely raining mass of needles after you forget to water it for a week, and the thrill of the fire hazard that help you remember to check the batteries in your smoke detector.

I'll probably break down and do it, someday. Kids are really good at pointing out the alleged necessity of such things, but as of right now I still hold a monopoly on influence over them. Well, that is, I do as long as i keep Troy convinced of the truth and right of everything I think, do, and say. (wish me luck?)

Add to that influence their love of pink, and I think we might make ourselves a bare branch Christmas tree of a similar color palette this year. Maybe. True, it's bound to consume even more storage space than a typical artificial tree, but look. It's pretty. And pink. And my girls are afraid of the dark. And so am I.

Maybe it would find a permanent home in their bedroom.. or mine.

It's definitely on The List, anyway.

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  1. Haha, fun blog girly! Yeah, I have to say we made our mom buy real every year until I left home and she invested in a nice fake tree. Once I got out on my own I just couldn't handle the thought of the needles, waiting in the cold to pick out a tree and then having to do it again next year. Maybe it was the memory of my dad never helping and my mom big and pregnant buying cheap trees from lots where the guys smelled of liquor that got me to go the other way. And really our trees were NEVER pretty. Always some homely little Charlie Brown reject tree help up with a string from the hook in the ceiling. I decided I will take pretty. But I broke down and bought an evergreen candle. I do miss the smell. ;)


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